Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A moment with future

The night was still young when we started our little “PR” session, as my not so "white" white elephant radio tune to Class 95, I switch on the down light and we begin our workout together.

He is amaze by how many dance steps I can perform and I am too, quite surprise at how my “unprofessional” twist and turn can bring out a big laugh in him. We both dance to the content of our heart.

The next show features William jumping on the couch with his Ricky Martin cum Stephen Chow stunt, which usually end up this, but this night is accident free, with everything workout so perfectly, is like a moment in life for him.

Although his words can hardly form any full sentences yet, but no understanding is required in the language of love, only heart is needed.

That night we also have some shadow fun, and thanks to the down light, this is not just fun, but lots of imagination works also, and at last I created a classic shadow Monster with my hand, which he enjoy chopping and slashing.

Finally before I collapse from exhaustion, he tame down and lay there quietly on the couch, with his favourite green “Pokeball”(actually a bouncing ball) in his hand, unwillingly falling asleep. Wife and Raynor already did.

11 PM, I wish my body can stretch as far as my spirit.

Some movie phrase: “I wish this moment last forever”.

These feel almost rapture and last forever.

Here is our fishing time together and William’s training to bowl.

Also the memorable chocolate menace.

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