Thursday, October 13, 2005

4 points which usually means "better offer"

Higer salary
This one no need to say much, but watch out for the second point, don’t be charm by just the $$$$$.

Same or shorter working hour
As your quality of work improves, so shall your quality of life. Which means you should have more time for your love one, more time to pursue your interests, more time to contribute to whatever greater good you think is and more time for social activities.

All this are not useless ok! They improve your characters and your characters determine your amplitude.

More benefits
A worker with no benefit is as good as cow, you kena 耕田, kena milk, kena whip, eat only grass and when the time is up, you will kena slaughter and serve at the dinning table.

Contractor also human leh!

"Good" boss, "Big" company
This is by far the least important one because even if you join a big company with nice boss, there ain’t going to be no retrench. It is like a tsunami wave every 20 years cycle, it is merely a matter of time.

Meanwhile there are also some “better” offers that your “boss” will throw at you to make you work harder:
- Is about your work satisfaction, a.k.a 成就感, 不过这值多少钱一斤?
- Is about greater good. What greater good? I got to go down in history book izzit?
- Is for your own good. Off course it is, or else why try so hard to tell me?

Have you got any “better” offers from your boss lately or just this……

and you....will be next.

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