Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Spiritual manga

I have to admit that this manga cannot be found in Singapore, as it has crude art and not so exciting story line. Not of any commercial value as to said.

Some christian may find it interesting while other critics find it 'no ground'.

This manga only manage to touch surface of the original author - Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Scientist, Philosopher and Spiritual explorer.

he may not be as well known as Thomas Edison, but his work in science not so far away. But the main reason that he is not as famous is probably due the 'power' during that era, you guess it.

The Roman Catholic at that time believe that he is heretic, most people thinks that he is crazy.

Of course lostin were no pioneer of the new church, plus the "Arcana Coelestia - Heaven's Secret" is longwinded and sure to put any regilious freek to sleep, lostin will just stick to the manga.

alternatively, for 'spiritual' purpose, it should be better to watch what dreams may come(1998), always(1989) and ghost(1990).

featuring 2 nice classical, unchain melody and smoke gets in your eye.

oh! all this are so childish!

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Anonymous said...

To this lost soul of this Blog who thinks he is knowledgeable in a field but in fact he is ignorant, self-centered and worse, knowledge of illusion.
Next time do your homework before you made any suggestion. DUH.