Friday, August 05, 2005

Black and white

racist, big and controversial words, but....

who and who is not racist(种族歧视)?

lostin consider himself a racist, my view -

If I own a MNC: CEO is me, CIO my son, CMO my daughter, CXO my wife, my surname, my race.
if I own a nation...
would you do otherwise?

Is hard to let you see you are not, like here:
(click to enlarge)
of course you are happy, not that I am saying is bad. many of us are contented here, at least we can consider most of the time it was our previlage to be here.

but we cannot choose our birth place, imagine your are born in africa, banana man and...
think he is handsome and talented and so....
turn off the light! nobody see you anyway, food will be your god and rain your blessing.

I said: "you behave like a black!" and you feel offended, because they are inferior? You said you are not racist? aren't you proud if your family name is Lee or Tan or Yeo or whatever? what about a half blood killer? Some time I feel sorry with my own pathetic view.

but lostin is a "jing di zhi wa井底之蛙", talkcock and sing song session over. nothing great! no even worth your 3 minutes.

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