Thursday, August 04, 2005

life gets more interesting this way...

My brother used to tell me how come my promotion was so unnatural during my 7 years service in the SAF.

my sister said that I never pay any attention to compliment given to me.

I would like to say thanks to this gentle-women. She has such a great heart that she even hint-ed me to go to the eternal world.

We cannot prevent theavoid this day from coming, and it is not right to end it ourselves. So if you offer to do it in a painless way, please do so in gentle manner. Afterall you will be the one who is making the police report.

(just than lostin thought that not body would bother what the F** he thinks. well, he was wrong!)

Your words are really kind and sweet, but really I prefer: "you F**k** M*** CB, damn you and go to H*ll." like a man. lostin dont quite understand all those self-centered stuff.

but you are welcome to freek me again.

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