Thursday, April 02, 2009

Youtube controversial video about Bible

Before you watch, be warned that it is not suitable for most people. Christian and conservative can skip the video and just read my story. It is 100% literal from the Bible.
It started when 500 Christians protested against HK’s move to include same sex marriage into the ‘Family Protection Act’(*). They quoted Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of such love.

Gen 19’s animation was uploaded to Youtube. Believer complains. Youtube removed the clip. It escalated. Thousands protested against the removal, more was uploaded. The war rages on.

MSM, as usual, avoided the topic. It is not big enough to get MSM’s attention.

(Link)Gen 19. Watch yourself. Why this entire story was not omitted at The Council of Trent? Please flag the video for me while you are there.

(Link)Also read the apology of I will attempt to translate and update here as soon as I find some spare time. I think no explanation is needed; some death threats is still sitting in my email.

* I need to confirm what they call this act in Hong Kong

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