Thursday, April 02, 2009

8 new Internet rising stars added to Forbes top 25

Below is a list of eight emerging Internet celebrity, newly added to Forbes top 25. The drop-off, *ahem* is a near missed.

1. Beppe Grillo - Italy’s most famous comedian. He is now famous for his political commentaries online. (Link)

2. Wil Wheaton – That’s right, your favorite kid from StarTrek-TNG. He is now famed on WWW, but no longer a kid. (Link)

3. Owen Thomas – His Site Valleywag is now the ultimate gossip and news of Silicon Valley. Read it. He can tell you many dirty stories in the Technology world. (Link)

4. Brian Lam – You can’t find his profile anywhere on Internet, his arsenal is the super lightning fast update blog Gizmodo. (Link)

5. Guy Kawasaki – Formerly from Apple, now a venture capitalist and. Star of Internet. (Link)

6. Nate Silver – A Scientist, statistician, journalist, and writer. Now top 25 Internet celebrity of Forbes. (Link)

7. Dave Winer – American software developer and entrepreneur, also one of the oldest weblogs, Scripting News’s owner. (Link)

8. John C Dvorak – His Blog. (Link)

Source: Forbes.

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