Friday, April 24, 2009

AWARE coup is pre planned and purpose driven

In today Wayang party news, several leaked emails provided more insight into the fiasco. To the surprise of many, I think it is righteous. Why are we so upset? This happens all the time in the history of human kind. Someone oust the old king, built a prosperous kingdom, oust by some other.

If it is believe to be a just cause, why not?

In one email, Shawn urges,

“AWARE is an organization that has existed in Singapore for many years. It is a non-profit body dedicated to women’s advocacy and gender equality. They protect women’s rights and help develop women to their fullest potential. In the last few years, AWARE has aggressively become involved in gay activism. Many members of their committee are pro-gay. They have even conducted a sexual education programme in some schools that teach young people that it is normal and alright to behave homosexually. They have also screened a lesbian-themed movie Spider Lilies at a Charity Ball.”


I will applause if not for the method they used to take over the organization. Courage and conviction was shown.

My question, did the head of Church of our Savior orchestra this coup?

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