Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evolution ‘accidently’ left God believing brain cell in us.

God Brain cell
Scientists from National Institutes of Health did a study to understand where in the brain religious beliefs seem to be modulated. Their findings, whether culturally adapted or just plain coincidence, there is a region in our brain that response to belief’s stimulant. Snip,

“ Statements based on God's involvement — such as "God protects one's life" or "Life has no higher purpose" — provoked activity in brain regions associated with understanding intent. Statements of God's emotions — such as "God is forgiving" or "the afterlife will be punishing" — stimulated regions responsible for classifying emotions and relating observed actions to oneself. Knowledge-based statements, such as "a source of creation exists" or "religions provide moral guidance," activated linguistic processing centers.”

Does this means, for maybe, a thousand generations, if every single person in the family denied the existence of God, that brain cell will disappear? Just like the Appendix? No wonder human is losing hair.

(Link)Wired News, Religion: Biological Accident, Adaptation — or Both

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