Monday, October 13, 2008

Tz choice of how to this week

How toToday is a universal blue day. Every working class, including your boss, feels moody. This is my choice of how to for this week. Don’t let the blues take your week away. I am very tempted to add to their list, but other than language limitation, I find that they are good enough for every average person, there is also link to every point. I will express my opinion as point 8, 9 and 10.

8. Don’t read news paper – I once heard our mind harvest 50 thousand thoughts per day. 80% of newspaper’s content tells you how bad the world is. Try to input positive info into your sub-conscious. Try comedy.

9. Avoid 4C which follow one after another - Compare  Complain  Criticize  Condemn. Learn to identify them early in your thought, and stop it at first or second. It usually becomes your hard coded view when it hits the last C.

10. Get out – This is the last strategy of Sun Tzu. When all else fails, run away from negativity. Cool down and start again.

Read more… (Link) 7 ways to stop feeling like sh*t everyday. Sorry for the vulgarity.

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