Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 twelve year old boys offer to examine your breast

In Singapore, legal sexual intercourse is at 16, but watching movie with obscene sexual content is at 18. I am not sure about America, but wonder how many women here allow a 12 year old boy to touch their sensitive part.

This is not controversial? Two scouts at the age of 12 offered to check your breast on a carpet they set up in their home basement. Maybe some women like it.

I have a serious question for Tracy Gill here, would you lead by example?

(Video) Youtube, the interview. Brian makes an interesting remark at the end, don’t miss it. And, they request Jessica Alba to volunteer for the project. Way to go! Brian and Zach. I can’t wait to see what she says.


YongWei said...

lol, i watched this, lazy to blog about it, well, gonna blog too now.

you do know that its a comedy news report right? hahaha

TZ said...

I know this is definitely a hoax of some kind. Just too outrageous to pass. :)

Anonymous said...

"this has to be a hoax" come on dude, learn to read, it's THE ONION!

and to the blogger... get a clue, it's THE ONION!

TZ said...

sure it is. Thanks.