Monday, August 18, 2008

National day rally – big talk on increasing our nation population

Frankly said, I only remember this part of the speech 15 minutes after the show, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am now. I reckon the viewing ratio rocketed during that telecast. Very impressively delivered.

I try to recall some points, don’t know I can get them all or not. What he said,

- Maternity leave increase to 4 months. Hooray!
- 1 extra day leave. Infant leave. For your baby till he or she is 2 years old. Don’t know whether twin got X 2 or not. Hooray X 2!
- Paternity leave increase to 6 days. Hooray 3 times!
- Etc, etc perks that I cannot recall.

This is good. But hor, I think this is meant for civil servant only. You see, in the name of cost cutting, many company, especially government agencies are moving toward outsource. Meaning you sign a contract, next year we see how.

As a contractor, not to mention their lower wages, lesser benefit, heavier work load, they also constantly have to worry whether they survive after the project end.

Can they plead their company to amend those ‘contract’ or not. I believe they also want to uphold national spirit, like spend more time with their love one, make more children, have a work life balance etc.

Can or not?

P.S Sorry for the low quality photo, I am just a contractor.

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