Wednesday, August 20, 2008

lostin howto: steam off 7 points

I am no master to anger management. This provides a guide as well as reminder to me that I own my emotion. No one controls how I feel except me. Points,

  1. Options – My observation. Usually when human are presented with choices, we focus on the next steps rather than how I should feel. Like playing games, we cool off after we choose a way.

  1. Write – Pick up a pen, draw something, writes nonsense. Let your pen or keyboard paint your mind’s picture. You should be able to tell what to do next with those images.

  1. Google – I don’t know about you, but I Google my thoughts. I usually forget my anger after I found something interesting to read or watch, or blog about.

  1. Family – Go home early. This is the place where you find love.

  1. Consult – If you have a close friend, this is the time you seek their opinion. If no, imagine yourself as a problem kid and counsel yourself.

  1. Pop culture – I find pops are there for a reason. They make us love and enjoy life. Give it a try.

  1. Pure water – Not coffee, and definitely not junk food. They are unhealthy and stress your body even more. Water has known to be the best healer on earth.

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