Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How much do you know about our Moon?

中华网科技: This are the 8 untold facts about Moon, which you will not learn in school.
They call this the dark side of Moon.
1. Our Moon is stealing energy from our Mother Earth..
2. The Moon is orbiting further and further away each year...
3. She is Oval, not round.
4. Do you know we actually have another Moon?
5. Something about the surface of the Moon...
6. Have you ever heard of "The Moon Tree"?
7. Why you keep seeing the same Moon face every time?
8. How is she being form?

Is there really a dark side of Moon? Or we are not brave enough to admit our ignorance? (Link)


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paulynn said...

I only can remember that when i was very young,my grandmother told me that the black spots on the moon were the moon fairy,her rabbit and her house leh...She also told me never to point my fingers at the moon as it is considered very rude wo...