Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gap in the Intelligent Design

(Link) to Guardian Unlimited about the fossil that fit in the gap of the missing link, which explain the transition of species from fishes to reptiles.
I also read the first few comments at Digg. (Link) I Like this one:
"Intelligent Design Be Damned.. Consider this:
The human race is artificial intelligence created using object orientated programming. DNA is software that builds other software and modifies itself in the process - it contains instruction sets to build your program. Information was placed in this dimension with the ability to reproduce and evolve itself. The interaction of this information created new information and new DNA, constantly evolving and creating new software. The information was manipulated from its parent information system very occasionally. The software was guided into evolving the homo sapiens (humans) until they become self aware information."

I am by no means a creatism supporter, but come to think about it..

Should there be a Creator in the Universe, he must be smarter than any Scientist, in fact, the greatest Scientist he is. Why would he design something that there would be a gap between them, and leave the nature to fill up the missing parts, hoping that everything would turn out the way it should, there must be a plan, a blue print, to reach his ultimate goals.

wouldn't we do the same for our children?


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