Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hitler Superior Race Theory

I am certain that every man sees their race or surname in high regards, or else we wouldn’t had to have a name, as being a nobody, we can then call ourselves free from the superior race theory.
I also fully agree that certain race are “superior” as do some surname, the high position you are, the more you would have to admit that superior race theory is true.

There is only a thin line between Racialism and Racism.

A fine example would be Harry Potter, a book that is so popular have actually deeper meaning. Emphasizing on bloodline and linage, the book’s appeal to many readers are not merely coincidence, but hidden there a hypothesis suggesting that righteous blood would certainly leads to a possible hero.

So does an evil blood? And a fool’s blood?

Bloodline is one the most important concept of Chinese, even the westerners cannot escape from thinking, what would my son be like if I am a rebel? To said this means that we agree that special blood would not come from a great politician, nor a rich CEO, but would come form the unlikely, saint and patriot, like Buddha and Jesus.

What is your view point?


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