Friday, January 05, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 2

Robotic Deer
America uses fake deer to lure and catch illegal hunter

Japan awards winning robotic baby seal
Paro, very cute, helps patient recover faster.

QuickZip 4.60.017
This one comes with MMViewer, whats that? Check yourself

CPU-Z V1.37
Know thy self, know thy enemy

Very useful FTP tool, please excuse the too many F word.

Magic PicAni 1.1
There are a lot them on the internet now, this one just support a lot of extension

Goats that climb the tree

Tree goatsThese goats climb trees for their master; get the argo nuts they need to make oil. Follow the photo to the site to read more, if you can read foreign languages.

Clay sculpture of last dinner with DaVinci’s view

click to enlargeI spotted this at one of the gift shop in Sun Plaza, a closer look further more raise my curiosity. I can name the 12 Disciples of Christ, but I cannot name this one, maybe it was not suppose to be the last dinner. I viewed through a few paintings, but can’t find any clue of who this may be. Let me point to the most authenticated one.

I did not buy the Sculpture.

Molecule sized security keypad loc

MoleculeResearcher Abraham Shanzer and his colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovat, Israel, made the discovery. The molecular padlock responses to a sequeal of different chemical and light as password, which will then glow and releases the lock, every input will have a 3 minutes lapse before the molecule is reset back to normal. (Link)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Turning knob high tech sports shoe

click to enlarge
We have to agree, technology is making Humanity into groups of lazy slug, with shoe like this not only you can forget about the lace, you can also forget that you are wearing a shoe, or whatever you call that.

Watch the video via TechEBlog.

Another seem like sign of end days prophecy

Pat RobertsonSeem like 2007 is going to be bad year for Humanity. Evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson purported that a mass killing would occurs in America, he says it is a vision given to him by none other than the Almighty himself. Click to read the full story. (Link)

Finally? He is pulling the plug of man kind? Should have done this long ago.

Churches in Romania with 19999 members are illegal

Traian Basescu27 December 2006, President of Romania Mr Traian Basescu approved a new law for Religion, under it, Denomination with less than 20 thousand members cannot register legal status in the country. No big deal, spokesman in the country says, because 20K people is about 0.1% of the population only, and it is expendable. (Link)

Same theory applies here, they have to either migrate or force to go underground.

Update: Opinion from anonymous,
"They are not illegal, they just are not considered cults and don't receive some advantages from the state. They are not banned from worshipping, as the term illegal would imply. Nobody would chase members of this church and force them to convert. "

I appreciate this comment very much, and I also understand Media will always surely have their Agenda when reporting news. So, in order for the opinion to have value, it is better that it is not from some anonymous sources. However, I very much thank this other side of the story.

Church predicts and planned to celebrate Doomsday

Church of SubGeniusMany may protest such buffoonery of Religion; I just laugh my butts off, even if people make fun of mine. Church of SubGenius, if you do not know them yet, predicts the end of all times will be on Thursday, July 05, 2007, and invites all members to celebrate one week before the coming of end time. (Link)

BTW, how many ends of days have we come across already?

Adopt a Sister

Adopt a SisterNot those kind of sister, this unique program is hosted by Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, they would pray to increase spiritual well being, and no matter whom are you doing it for. A little commercial? Well, everything has its first time. (Link)

Hello Kitty Guitar

Hello Kitty GuitarWhy are they so cute and popular? Can't see the rational behind, I, for one has absolutely no interest in them, or whatever that is made out from their image. Maybe I am too old for this. (Link)