Friday, December 15, 2006

Prestige golden watch of Christ on Ebay

Jesus Gloden WatchThe two golden faces you see on the leather band is the face of Jesus, plus all the diamonds make this watch not fit for human hand. It is so elegantly crafted that one might think who would wear one like this, so beautiful that it reminds me of a Bible phrase. (Link)

Youtube: X-Lady with adamantium teeth grip

Human Can OpenerRebecca is literally a human can opener, no, she don’t open them in conventional way you and I know, watch the video to see how she bites and turns the can, slicing the top of the can clean from it’s body. (Video)

I tell ya, the age of X-Men is coming.

Youtube U-Tube Saga

UtubeYou may have heard about this months ago, part two just launches hours ago, if not, this saga is about America number one tube supplier, some say in the world, has file a lawsuit against video sharing champion site Youtube. Let see who is stronger?

Don’t like to click on my site? Then go Google.

Israel high court endorses targeted killing

IsraelIsrael has once again approved targeted killing, greatly invites human right groups and activists condemn from around the world. Top court there, however, defends the stance by saying this is to raise the effectiveness of fighting terrorism. (Link)

Maybe all nations should follow Israel policy in a shoot to kill on suspect terrorist, in this way terrorist should be wipe clean in the next decade.

Profile and photos of a plastic human

Human Barbie DollShe has 350 thousand dollars worth of cosmetic procedure on her, instead of flesh and blood; the amount of plastic in her body is so much that she can be literally name “plastic woman”. Full report of her news on Daily Mail, read it when you have the time.

Sarah Burge's whole body was surgically altered, except for legs; she went through almost 30 times operation, one in every year.

Can you tell how old a plastic is?

update: The problem is, whether her next generation will be like her? would she allow her own daughter to follow her footsteps?


Singapore police order toilet paper for the first time in 20 years

Police capNews from morning radio, one police station in Singapore has stock up toilet paper since 1986. The consumables ran out recently and reveal that they have never made any order for the past 20 years.

How happen is, in 1986, the officer that makes the order has put a tick on the wrong column, the consumables later arrive in 2 pallet; enough to dry up national stadium after a rain or clean up king kong.

They decided to keep it hence it lasted for 2 decades.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yurth combines Youtube with Google Earth

Yurth creator renders Youtube video visible on Google Earth; most useful is now you can select video by location and the numbers of video in a region. (Link)

Skype 3.0 – Skype Cast

Ever dream of being a DJ? Run you own radio station? Host international helpdesk online?
Preach to the whole Internet? Go and download Skype 3.0, limited only to your imagination.

Research shows soybean product turns children into gay

SoyA disturbing claim, the study argues that excessive estrogen in soy food suppresses testosterone, which is the thing that keeps man from turning to woman. Excerpt from article,

“Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That's why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today's rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products.”

Jim Rutz, author of the article further suggests that soy food may also leads to many other health problems. Don’t miss the P.S of the article. (Link)

Carols title rearrange revealed some surprise messages

Robert WarnerEnquirer columnist and blogger Robert Warner has an article which takes many Christmas Carols title and turn them into really disturbing messages, he says,

“Get Oliver Stone on the phone, because I'm about to provide you with questionable evidence that part of the modern Christmas tradition? Today's Christmas carols and songs? is a sign of the end times.”

Some evil gems,

"Here Comes Santa Claus" to "A cult massacre seen."
"The Wassail Song" to "Angels with a SOS."
"Up on the Housetop" to "Note: Oust Pope, huh?"


Now Citibank also track your transport trip?

Citibank ezlink Visa
My hat off to their brilliant idea, so now proud platinum card holder (usually car owner) may once in a while feel incline to take public transport, just to get close to the masses.

I am curious though, other than SMRT who is tracking every of our trip detail, would the data also send to Citibank as well? How long would they keep the records? 7 years?

Off course, it is just some buying habit plus how you get there, shouldn’t be a great concern. Quickly go apply now!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Interesting optical illusion created with flash

Click on the link and go to the site, as the video play, stare very hard on the yellow point, must stare very hard. It didn’t always work for me, maybe I lose my focus, but it should works for almost all normal human. (Link)

Cool, fun and educational magnetic liquid

Ferrofluid is wacky water with magnetic personality; you can use it for many neat tricks, like this magic-like rotating field, or a make a sculpture with strong magnet. There is also a video on how to make a liquefy magnet, an interesting project which Singapore school's boring science class would not let you do it. (Link)

Do check out the full text description on how to make liquid magnets here.

Patrick Blanc almost magnificent wall’s garden

Patrick Blanc Vertical GardenVia PingMag, I have never seen, not even a picture of hanging garden, it is quite well known that his vertical garden is as beautiful as that. This type of botanic green is in many parts of the World, some in Bangkok and many in France, beautiful and breathtaking, especially if you look at tall wall with his creation. (Link)

Sidenote: Someone would suggest Singapore to engage his service at some of our local attraction.

Researcher team claims to unearthed fossil of Loch Ness monster

Loch Ness MonsterSkeleton bones of the plesiosaur are 70 million years old, it is so massive, helicopter was dispatch to move the bones. Go to the link and find out why they believe it belongs to the ancient monster. (Link)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Youtube: Indian Superman

Indian SupermanFor musing, you can see the traditional Indian movie culture in this video, this time, instead of dancing around a tree, they dance around the Earth. I hope director of this film didn’t create this for serious superman image, or he’ll be piss at me for my remarks. (Video)

Good advice for civil servant

Post Secret's secretFrom Post Secret

India study reveals local’s hardware smaller than international standard

condom ads in IndiaResearch done by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on 1200 volunteers all over the country, while they may display ads like this, India’s men has not meet the international standard size, and manufacturers there may force to adjust the products to suit locals need. (Link)

This kind of surprise me, not that size matters a lot to me, but I wonder is there a genetic or environmental cause behind this, has it been like this since? An expert on this matter would be appreciated.

Sidenote: This post intends no mockery; it is solely for research purpose.

Chinese doctor’s blog reveals detail SM with celebrity

Chinese bloggerThis is a rumored story of a Chinese doctor 饶颖 and celebrity TV host 赵忠祥, detail even Singapore BlogTV wouldn’t dare to mirror. If you can understand Chinese, read the blog (M18), she describes every details of the SM took place. China has makes rounds and rounds about this, the blogger also intend to publish Autobiography about herself. (Link)

A usual path of how “empty” people gain fame and publish books, too common.

UN environmental report reveals cow as main culprit of global warming

Cow destroyerIt is no wonder Hinduism worships them as sacred; they are or may be the destroyer of Earth. In the report, cows are responsible for one fifth of the World's green house gases that causes global warming, almost 1000 litres of water is used just to produce 1 litres of milk. The report also purport if nothing is done by 2050, the effect will be double.

Download and read the full PDF report here. (via Independent )

Human destroy by the hand of cow? What ironic!

Kofi Annan’s leaving message for UN

Kofi AnnanHe will steps down on 31 December 2006, in his final speech Mr Annan addresses 4 points for his 10 years as UN Secretary General, and they are:

Collective responsibility
Everyone is responsible for everyone’s security, no nation is alone and never will it be.

Global solidarity
The world as one welfare entity, we can help other nation to enjoy same welfare as us.

The rule of law
Human rights and the rule of law are vital to global security and prosperity.
Mutual accountability
Whatever a nation’s government has done to Humanity, they must be prepared to face the World for their actions.

(Link) via BBC News

(Sidenote: this photo reminds me of a celebrity, I think you know who.)

Theo Jansen fascinating wind powered strandbeest

StrandbeestAlthough this is old news, I am sure many of you haven't heard about this yet. Looking at the photo itself intrigue me, I find myself google and google about him after seeing his amazing creation. Look at how this giant skeleton bug moves its leg forward, backward merely by wind! The beast is a combination of art and engineer, it is almost magical! (Link) via EcoGeek

You can view the Youtube video here, here and here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Shenzhen holds public parade for hundreds of hooker and hookee

ShenZhen ParadeChina again uses their old Cultural Revolution tactics, more than 100 men and women were displayed and ridiculed in public view. The police even announce their name, birthdate and crime with a loud hailer. A lot of controversies sprung, you can see them all if you use Baidu and search for the topic.

(Video) in Cantonese via 6rooms.

Youtube on how to make a mountain dew Christmas tree

mountain dew Christmas treeThis, although not an exceptional creation, but will inspire more self made Christmas tree this season. Think about hundreds of “junks” that you can use to mash up a Christmas tree, like how Columbus inspires many thousands other to cross the great ocean. (Video)

Muslims gather to protest against SMS about Catholic Church

This news was from early November, a false SMS/email messages were sent out to many which claims that some Malays will be converted at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Ipoh. Riot troops arrive with 4 trucks and water cannon later, the crowed disperse peacefully.

Looks to me that tension of Muslim and Christian is always there.

20 thousands rally against Pakistan’s rape law

Gen. Pervez MusharrafIn Kalachi, a group of more than 20,000 protesters rally against Gen. Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan for signing a bill last week which required rape victim to present 4 witnesses to prove their case. Rights group has urge against the bill but the state refused to response.

Many protesters were chanting “Death to Musharraf” at the scene. (Link)

2 states in Germany passes bill that will jail FPS game developers

counter StrikeIn view of a recent event which a teen injures 18 with a automatic weapon, Bavaria and Lower Saxony drafted a legislation that will cramp down on violent game. The teen is said to be motivated by “counter-strike” – the famous FPS game which many teens enjoy.

All games that aim was to inflict violence on any human like being are affected; the maximum jail term is one year. (Link)

City Watcher installed RFID chip into worker's arm

MicrochipOne of the controversial moves by techno industrial which human will soon have to face, the first microchip implants into body for works purpose, the first human rights denial for security purpose. They will some day implant chips into new born, say it is for your protection. (Link)

Off course, there is nothing we can do about it.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunbath Day – Adventures of three

Click to enlargeCherish moment you have with your children, they deepen your Heart and broaden your mind, ten years later you will see the man you never become without them.