Monday, April 25, 2011

No gahmen doesn't mean no censorship, ok?

MDA or whoever spotted make this happen, well done.

I blog about this before. And more than one time said it is the best Now it has earn another award from me, the first one and only IT magazine which got it's pages torn off before it went on sale on various newspaper booth. Ho!

I don't want to complain, I want a refund. Kidding. Seriously, I understand this is a delicate matter, that's why you cannot watch certain movie at 16 but can have consensual sex. I thought I read from some famous blogger's blog now the gahmen dissolved liao? You prove me wrong. You prove that even without government, our society still can function as a quasi-conservative whole. I am proud of ya!

I just want to say, I will continue to support this magazine as it is the best. I will also continue to get things from the Internet as long as it is not banned in Singapore.

Our gahmen know the best.

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