Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ice Mountain in our home

Who knows my kids consume more water after we installed this fresh water dispenser. Boy, 11 litres in 48 hours, that is, 11.35 divided by 5 divided by 2. Everyone took in 1.1 litre per day. Minus the time which we were not home(more than 8 hours), that is a lot.

It started with a pure motivation to save time and trouble take to boil fresh water. No, not just boiling. We boil, wait for it to cool down, transfer the cooled water to a pot, and then we do it again.

I would say. We did this five times a day, seven days a week. And we are still constantly short of boiled water.

And we still haven't take the electricity for boiling up the water into account yet.

I don't have to drink direct from the tap anymore. I can have very hot or cold drink just by lifting 2 fingers.

We worry no more about running out of hot water for baby's milk. You understand if you have to wake up past mid-night to make a bottle of infant milk, and realize the hot pot is dry. I can almost hear my neighbor praise their God, not that they don't pray.

My children are especially enthusiastic after this new water gadget. Hereby know as the yin-yang fountain. Not only does it makes you younger, it is almost magical to get water at your desire temperature by tapping on the 2 tiny tap. I secretly wish their excitement will last.

Maybe is time to say bye-bye to our old ceramic water pot and hot flask.

I think I will make another cup of hot chocolate.


mira said...

hi, i stumbled upon your blog while trying to find out more about ice mountain water dispenser. if you don't mind sharing,where do you order it from? and how much does it cost? i can't seem to find any reliable websites.
you can reply to me here:

samilly said...

hi.. i'm looking for ice mountain dispenser but it's not available anywhere now. may i know where you get your supplies from? please email me at
really appreciate it. thanks!

oey said...

hi.. i'm looking for ice mountain dispenser too.
May i know how to get one?
appreciate if you can share the info to me at


Anonymous said...

hi there,

Can share the info on where i can get the supply for ice mountain dispenser and the bottles.. also whats the cost like? Appreciate if you could email me at thanks

TZ said...

The number to order is below.

You can call F&N at 68604026.

Please DO NOT mention my name as I don't get any commission out of this.

Polar water dispenser is cheaper. :)

Anonymous said...


I am not trying to spoil your mood,
but you might wanna take a look into the effects of chemicals leaching present in hard plastic like this kind of water dispenser.

This kind of dispensers tend to have BPA and phthalates which have serious harm to your bodies as it mimics certain hormones, and will effect you in the long run.

TZ said...

Thanks for the insight, I didn't know about this. I will take a closer look at this.