Thursday, October 01, 2009

A student molested another student is hardly news worthy

I am late about this, which is done on purpose. But I think an outstanding human like this deserves a second chance.

You see, I never come across anyone who committed crime twice against modesty, yet still being able to continue study in University. During my time, if you are caught smoking in school uniform, it is the end of you academic life.

Maybe being a mental therapist has got nothing to do with having a sound mind.

Maybe there is something about him I failed to see.

The headline of a related news also deluded me. "A China Top Psychology student in NUS molested a China local woman on a shutter bus".

Wo, I thought Singapore newspaper accidentally printed a piece of news which belongs to China.

What a pity. He could have be great. Now there is one less pro head-shrinker in the world.

Remind me to bring along this photo next time I need to see a psychiatrist.

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