Friday, September 11, 2009

Maxi-Cash, when Singapore middle class goes to pawnshop

This ads is make me want to remove my Rolex and exchange it for a X-box 360. Seriously. But alas, I dun have such an pricey watch, nor any chain made of gold. I pawned them away 10 years ago.

Pawnshop nowadays high class liao. My mind still has pictures of woman who tries to cover her face with a scarf(scarf is cheap then), and a over sized sun-glass. Looking left-right to ensure nobody is following them. Even coming near to any pawnshop is sia-shui, mum told me.

Never mind what the older generation believes, to sell gold and jewelery during 'good' time is a proper trade. It proves that as a man, you can pick-it-up, lay-it-down. And provides your family the best is more important than yourself looking your best.

So, now you can visit the pawnshop with your family. Tell your kids that this is not a shameful thing to do. Tell them it's ok to trade that expensive jade bracelet for a PS3.


TZ said...

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

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