Monday, March 16, 2009

Musician released all his work online before time for free download

Chris ZabriskieChris Zabriskie is musician who believes that music should be heard before people decide whether to purchase. He leaked all his albums online via BT before their release date. He said on his site,

“Was I paying for the right to listen to that record? The temporary license, as it were? The industry says yes, I say no. I can find that record anytime I want to online and listen and no one is going to come after me (not even Alan, I'll bet). But I was paying for the convenience, and I was supporting the artist. And that's the best way to look at something like iTunes. Some people just really like the convenience. Who needs a bunch of plastic discs cluttering up the house, when they're just going to my iPod? And even though BitTorrent is second nature to me now, the majority of the world doesn't use it, doesn't understand it, and doesn't want to bother with it, especially since iTunes downloads fast, immediately, and directly to your iTunes library and iPod. Simple.”

“I've uploaded my entire discography to the website here as mp3s, which you can have. On the Records page, you'll find each of my records as a zip file containing high quality, V0 mp3s, plus artwork.”

(Link)Chris Zabriskie, via Torrent Freak.

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