Thursday, November 06, 2008

Great read, letters from Johns, faked intimacy

Letters from JohnsI came across Susannah Breslin’s web project that post anonymous letters from real life red light district regulars. ‘John’ usually felt lonely and unworthy at the end, no matter how good it feels at that moment. Sex without spiritual connection, or love as we know it. Some quotes from the post, ‘I want to kill myself’,

“I wanted to kill myself. I went completely against my own moral convictions and support of feminism. The experience was not pleasurable at all, but rather very nerve racking and riddled with guilt throughout the whole act. It was something to simply do it and get it out of the way, so that I would be just like other non-virgin men.”

“I am damaged-goods, so even if someone would want me I can’t allow my baggage to affect her life in a negative manner. Therefore, I am not allowed a conventional relationship.”

Sounds like an outcast. If only our local ‘Geylang’ regular can express themselves.

(Link) I want to kill myself, Letters from Johns. Do you feel lonely after an ONS?

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