Friday, September 05, 2008

TGIF music - What the f@%k

Hong Kong Ah Beng rapper group which disband few years ago. Now Singaporean can accept them or not? (Video) NSFW hor!


Anonymous said...

Erm... Sorry. I had to comment la.. They came here to perform in 2003 wor. Zouk was so packed lor.

And I wouldn't call them Ah Beng though. Ah Bengs have less social conscientiousness than them. Though I'd say their vulgarities sometimes override their lyrics & music.

They have the best musicians in the band, some even write & play for the biggest stars like Faye Wong. Davy Chan's the leading music producer and Faye Wong's preferred session drummer. MC Yan is a renowned artist and MC. DJ Tommy is World #1 scratcher.

I think just looking at their vulgarities is downplaying their skills & abilities.

And obviously you can see that I'm a fan. XD

TZ said...

Holy, Reene, I didn't intend an insult or dislike. In fact, I felt a pity that they are disbanded.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I wasn't offended or anything.

I only wanted to comment on 2 points actually. One was whether Singaporeans can accept them(played in Zouk in 2003), and the 'Ah Beng' reference.

But, typically me, I went on to go off-topic on another point I myself brought up (vulgarities). It's not so much directed at YOU, but at the general mass who think that they are bad cos they have vulgarities in their songs.

*note to self* Stop veering off in comments. XD

Sorry I caused your confusion...