Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More veggie you eat, smaller your brain gets

veggieScientists of Melbourne said that carnivore (human) tend to have a bigger brain than herbivore (vegetarian) after you grow old. Although they never state what can you do with a big brain, but the bigger, the better, isn’t it?

(Link) to Times of India, (Link) to another China news.

Side note, I heard Albert Einstein has smaller than average brain. I also know human only “used up” 10% of our brain in a lifetime. There is also a debate going on whether turning all human to vegetarian will save the Earth.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Turning human into vegetarian sure will save the Earth. It produce less heat. lol.. :)

TZ said...

Save the endanger spieces too!

Thanks Fooi!