Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Need to explain, need not explain. Hilarious plishing technique

Actually this is my site. I need not explain to anybody what is up here, but this need a bit de-smoke.

Take a look at my Amazon Books ads on the right, some eyes catcher huh? Well, I know what the reactions of a usual blogger are. I am not going to do that.

Nippie butterfly! Naked picture! Look like my site finally became target of porn promotion.

Hahaha! Funny sia! New kind of creative troll, I am going to leave these here for a while, just to appreciate their effort.

Before I take them out, guys, buy some FHM leh!

Thanks Dennis! For pointing this out to me. I don't visit my site often enough.

1 comment:

Back2Nature said...

To me, it is an illustration that technology knows nothing about right and wrong. The AI-like algorithm chooses the ads base on plain words... don't expect it to have any slight idea of hidden implications in your posts. :)