Saturday, June 21, 2008

East Coast night out

East Coast night outFirst, we book a London cab because there are 7 of us. Mum and sis-in- law with her son. William is the vehicle commander. He seriously directs everyone to buckle their seat belt properly. After he checks all doors are lock, with a stern tone, he tells the driver,

“We want to go bicycle. Bicycle.” He never seat idle for the whole trip.

Our destination is the newly populated spot behind the old East Coast big splash. They renovated the place and erect a few makan houses. KFC is there, there is also a big kid’s playhouse. Parents should rejoice here. Whats better than sit around having coffee while knowing your children are having all the fun they can get.

Raynor practices on his newly acquired skate. I skate until my leg complain.

William forgot about his bicycle till we get home. He is determined to empty the sand, digging and building only he knows what.

We were sure the wind welcomes us that night. It was breezy and music from nearby barbecue gang just makes you want to dance.

Ruth was on the mat we brought with her granny. We just found out that she fears the roaring tide. Every inch towards the dark splashing monster makes her shriek and demand that we go home.

This is a night out too short.

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