Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks note for those who cast their opinion

View points on why Netizen believe in God, or not, is yielding results. I was intrigued and surprise. I thank everyone for your kind vote.

However, a side note on this Google gadget. It accepts multiple votes from a same IP. I will still take it as valid as voting more than twice required considerable effort.


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=) said...

hi! i'm from argentina, nd im not so good at english, so foregive my mistakes please =)
well... i write this in order to tell u why do i believe in god...

for me...
god is trhough everything that existes, is part of or nature, so, i think, (for me , al least) its not a matter of beliefs its a fact .

again, i remember u that i dont know english XP

:) if you wanna know something else, write me, no problem :)