Tuesday, March 04, 2008

lostin howto: spot Singapore heavenly light

In spite of Singapore population, I trust no one ever spotted a sudden flare for sky that last for few second, and as bright as star. I don’t even think it is possible to see this here. What is pity. It is know as Iridium Flare, otherwise call satellite glint, (Link) to WikiHow, and (Link) to Heaven above site.

This is not an incredible nature sight, but I certainly hope Singapore astrologist could spot and document some on the web.

Side note to myself: a flinch of hope, someone may claims to have seen spiritual phenomena or UFO.

Update: I am surprise at how many Singaporean astronomy enthusiasts there are, after reading this and this and this. Thanks, NightEvents.


Dark Matter said...


Many years ago i published this guide. I have watched close to hundred of iridium flares and had video them as well.

Dark Matter said...


Another link to my iridium flare via video composite images