Saturday, March 01, 2008


We always lose a war with him. You cannot fight love especially when it has been given away. It is in these days that we are reminded of the core of human life. He is the reason for us to be here.

Many times in life we are frustrated with how little he understand us, that we tied white bands on them, on which is written, ‘mischievous’, ‘rebellious’, ‘unbecoming’, and most of the time we realized it is us who understand so little about humanity.

Our love is so much limited, inadequate.

Ah yes, I remember this boy. He remembers today’s joy but forgot yesterday resentment. He is not bother by tomorrow’s burden, but enjoys every single moment now. He lives deep within me.

Oh yes, that pair of eyes, which sees no fault in humanity, smile at colorful rainbow but blind to skin color. They will bring greater deeds than what we can conceive.

I sail in stormy seas without fear, but I am disquiet by how much I can bestow, what kind of a world I leave for him. We cannot be his light, we are just lamp post.

I remember a friend once told me, raising man is like raising tree. You must use methods when it is not growing straight, but environment plays an important role.

As I see at those amazement and joys that he never fails to bring to me, I am hopeful. He looks so sure and I will not let him down.

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