Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The rights of Bona Fides

Recently I watched Brokeback Mountain and was fascinated by some of the ways gays conduct themselves. They can’t go around declare that they are one, nor hold any seminar to further their cause. They are not illegal but bound by the views of the general public. How are they going to “smell” their own “kind”?

It would be a different story if they declare their doctrine as a Religious belief.

I read from this article: (Link)

“….They were religious evangelicals, acting under the mandate of their dogma and the protection of human rights legislation…..”

One more.

“….I resent their intrusion and I wish they would just stay away but I cannot prevent them from visiting my neighborhood, living or working nearby or from peaceably enjoying their lives, beliefs and pursuits no matter how much they conflict with mine….”


“….What we all must do is recognize everyone the right to live in peace, to pursue their ambitions and to conduct their lives within the secular laws of the land….”

Yet another,

“….the key to protection, for the homosexual community at least, would be to declare themselves to be a religion and so gain immediate protected under the existing legislation…”

Good idea, lets also declare blogging as a form of Religion, so we can avoid tax and come under a ultimate shield of Human Rights. As I said, worth trying.

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