Wednesday, July 27, 2005

to be or not to be...

Its been a while since lostin has visit any book shop, that day he pop by Novena MPH and found this.

since when the occult had ran into our so call chinese conservative society?

They even cat it under with new age, maybe some day they'll import mad mag, playboy, escape from paradise and cat it "new age/mature".

Fengshui, tarot deck, astrology, palm reading, all like real. Does this means that they are around for few thousand years than they must be some logic in them?

lostin think is more like this.

Extreme belief --> superstitious --> cult.

But if you are the minority group, it doesn't matter how "good" is your logic, you will always be "cult"

come to think bout it, how much do we really believe in all this fate stuff?

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