Friday, July 22, 2005

Singapore political competition moveover

I have watched the competion of "马英九" and "王金平" yesterday nite.

Wow! impresssive! not of the scale but their creative way.

- they run the stadium shouting and raising flag to rally supporter.

- they stand on big rock beside a stormy sea to act 'cool', in the superman style, no, should be kennysia style.

- they talk like Anthony Robbin, Act like Chow YueFuat.

and doing all this while still remember that they are the leaders of the people, not some kind of childish super hero or stupid idol, even the American idol propaganda was no match for them.

I should have take a copy of the whole thing, but don't have a DVD recorder lah!

Singapore gahmen stand aside, see how they perform! like real.

Can we get such show locally? I really missed it.

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