Sunday, June 19, 2005

The unfortunate lady of Singapore

I use to visit Tanjong Pagar quite regularly, it has almost become my second home.

Today as I walk by the usual spot and notice this spot of plant that I always have a strange feeling. this feeling is specially stronger this time, my camera cum MP did a good job and I have about 2 ~ 3 shots.

But the plant did not look the same since the last time we seen it, the color is not so bright any more, she lost her vibrancy since dunno when. I still can remember asking my child to pamper this beautiful lady when she was at her most look-upon time, but now, alas! she has all become but a 'street hooker', sleep with occasion old man who has no place to go.

You can also notice that no one will even cast a look on her, passer by just treat her like part of this detroitorating world, soon she will be forgotten.

Who is she? she don't look like who she is before and no one care how she feel anymore than how we think about this world. I swear sometimes I can see her weep in the nite, all swallow by the surrounding bright spot light from the nearby nite spot.
They may have the same look, but are not he same.

Vanda Miss Joaquim! I wish on the star day and nite so that you can one day be restore to your beauty once more, and truly we can be reborn in it.


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