Friday, February 13, 2009

Google says, Humanity is beyond hope, and funny

Via Gizmodo, list of people who Google for the world to end, hilarious…


256,000,000: I want to die
528,000: Why do indians smell.
883,000,000: Why do I have no friends
8,380,000: Why men lie.
19,100,000: Why Obama should not be president
42,300: Why Luke Skywalker is an idiot
338,000: I have a big bag of crabs here

My favorite!

1,060,000: Sex is for making babies and revenge…

(Link)Gizmodo, Google Proves Humanity Is Sick and Sad, Yet Absolutely Hilarious

Google is sick!


Blog Tactic said...

Ya, human are weird creature

Tz said...

:) Blame evolution...