Thursday, June 14, 2007

GVideo: Evolution of mutant

According to South Park, no, Darwin, we are all a bunch of mutated, retard offspring of monkey, sorry, is fish. Which some how make us smarter and more spiritual than them. (Video)Darwin evolution theory never gets boring with this kind of teaching method.

Secret button code to turn traffic light instantly, is this hoax?

In this video you see a guide on how to click on traffic light button so it turns to what ever color you desire. I believe this is a hoax. I also believe many will try just to quench the little inner human. Otherwise, Human has no hope. After a good laugh, remember to tell me whether it works or not. (Video)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Need to explain, need not explain. Hilarious plishing technique

Actually this is my site. I need not explain to anybody what is up here, but this need a bit de-smoke.

Take a look at my Amazon Books ads on the right, some eyes catcher huh? Well, I know what the reactions of a usual blogger are. I am not going to do that.

Nippie butterfly! Naked picture! Look like my site finally became target of porn promotion.

Hahaha! Funny sia! New kind of creative troll, I am going to leave these here for a while, just to appreciate their effort.

Before I take them out, guys, buy some FHM leh!

Thanks Dennis! For pointing this out to me. I don't visit my site often enough.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bathsheba Grossman Science Math Sculpture

Scienc Math SculptureWife always comments about my weird taste for things. I begin to understand now; my passion for Science is a dream of unimaginable. I found this and started to evaluate my psychological profile again. Someone once said everyone is a little crazy in some way. (Link)

We are all broken product of history, given another chance to right it.

Hello Kitty Klingon costume

Hello Kitty KlingonThis is a matter of honor. Yes, Hello Kitty does have a sense of honor too. Although I think cute is more a killer than honor. (Link)

Natural is the most beautiful, it requires no education

越描越黑My friend show me a serenely harmony painting of a providence. I commented a bit, she started to explain, amend here and there. Now it seems like its getting uglier each moment. I began to hate it.